Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Chicago IL - Let’s face it: air conditioning in Cgicago Land is vital. At Chicago Appliance Repair Services, heating and air conditioning repair is our specialty; our many years of experience will guarantee that your ac unit will be functioning in no time. Need a reliable air conditioning service to restore your home's temperature immediately? No problem, as a trusted HVAC contractor we offer affordable same day service repairs to residents and businesses throughout the Chicago Land area. You can either call us now (847) 909-7284 or fill out the form above to schedule a service appointment.

Heating Repair

Our team of professionals at Chicago Appliance Repair Services specialize in heater repair service. A heater going out during the cold season is no time to be wondering what to do. We arrive in a well-stocked truck with the necessary tools and all the parts needed to get your heater operating properly. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and we don’t impose any extra fees for emergency calls. We can evaluate your home’s interior environment controls and help you determine if it is possible to maximize your output while minimizing your expenses. Programmable thermostats make it possible to control how your system maintains a Comfortable climate whether you are at home or at work while saving you the most money on your utility bill. Give us a call today (847) 909-7284 and let us show how. Commercial Refrigeration Repair Modern commercial refrigerators are complex. It takes a team of specialists to locate the problem quickly. A broken refrigerator can mean spoiled food and lost money. It can also be a health hazard for your business and even exposure to liability. The only answer is to contact the best commercial refrigeration repair company. We service refrigeration units for any business. Have a technician dispatch immediately to your restaurant, market or mini-mart. Get quick repairs for the lowest price. Keep your appliances working reliably with the maintenance service that Chicago Land businesses trust for all of their repairs.